Types of technology

Any piece of equipment can be occupied at the facility.
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Mostostroy No. 6 owns a large fleet of modern equipment from leading world manufacturers, which allows us to efficiently and on time solve the most complex engineering problems.

The company provides its activities and offers third-party organizations for rent special construction equipment, hoisting mechanisms, freight and passenger vehicles.

All equipment is equipped with satellite monitoring systems, with the ability to monitor work on objects in on-line mode.

The mobility of the company is ensured by the presence of its own trawls, which reduces the time for the delivery of rented special equipment.

You can specify information on the availability of equipment by phone

8 (812) 766-14-00


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The company "Mostostroy No. 6" congratulates all employees on the day of the builder!


Crocus International has entered into a strategic agreement with Bridge No. 6 for the construction of the Central Ring Road


The Minister of Transport of the Russian Federation Maxim Sokolov has opened traffic on the bridge across the river. Volkhov on the P-21 Cola highway