The central production base Mostostroy No. 6 manufactures reinforcing products for various purposes. Our main specialization is the production of frames for piles.

The use of reinforcing frames for piles is widespread in construction: this significantly increases the installation speed of reinforced concrete structures and eliminates reinforcing waste.

In addition, reinforcing cages can facilitate the mass of the structure in the construction of which are used.

The main material for their production is VP-1 wire, corrugated and smooth reinforcing bars, wire rod (smooth, hot-rolled).

Thanks to the use of modern technologies, a perfect welding quality, high productivity and precise geometry of the reinforcing cage in full accordance with the drawings are provided.

Fair price

Our own production base and unique experience in the production of complex structures allows us to achieve the best price.

Sophisticated Designs

Rich experience in bridge building allows us to manufacture the most complex and durable reinforcing products.

70 years of experience

For 70 years, we are one of the largest companies in the production of fittings.


All our products are made from certified materials, which ensures reliability for many years.

Products are manufactured using well-established technology, tuned in accordance with applicable requirements and standards, with quality control.

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The company "Mostostroy No. 6" congratulates all employees on the day of the builder!


Crocus International has entered into a strategic agreement with Bridge No. 6 for the construction of the Central Ring Road


The Minister of Transport of the Russian Federation Maxim Sokolov has opened traffic on the bridge across the river. Volkhov on the P-21 Cola highway