Mostostroy No. 6 constantly monitors the development of technologies, introduces new working methods, applies new equipment and follows the development trends of the construction industry. In recent years, special attention has been paid to environmental control.

In Mostostroy No. 6, the responsibility for monitoring compliance with environmental requirements is assigned to the construction and environmental department. Industrial environmental monitoring of compliance with environmental measures provided for within the framework of engineering project requirements and contracts at the facilities provides for control in the following areas:

  1. Protection
    atmospheric air

  2. Water bodies protection,
    falling into the construction zone

  3. waste removal

  4. Noise reduction
    impacts on residential development

  5. Protection
    soil cover

Mostostroy No. 6 has developed a quality and environmental policy with the following declared areas:

Reducing the negative impact of the organization's production activities on the environment

Improving the competitiveness of the organization in the domestic market

Improving the environmental performance of organizations and social responsibility

Based on this policy, an environmental management system certified by TUV Rheinland has been built. Over the course of 5 years, the compliance of the system with the norms of the ISO 14000 standard is annually confirmed.


The company "Mostostroy No. 6" congratulates all employees on the day of the builder!


Crocus International has entered into a strategic agreement with Bridge No. 6 for the construction of the Central Ring Road


The Minister of Transport of the Russian Federation Maxim Sokolov has opened traffic on the bridge across the river. Volkhov on the P-21 Cola highway